It's that time of year again...

The Leduc Riggers are holding training camps on the following dates:

  • Monday September 21st - 7:30PM Sobeys Arena
  • Wednesday September 23rd - 7:30PM Sobeys Arena
  • Monday September 28th -  7:30PM Sobeys Arena
  • Wednesday September 30th -  7:30PM Sobeys Arena
  • Monday October 5th -  7:30PM Sobeys Arena 
  • Wednesday October 7th -  7:30PM Sobeys Arena

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic anyone interested must register using the following form link.  You cannot show up to a training camp without registering prior.

Training Camp Registration Form

Each athlete and coach must complete the following form before each practice, game, and team function. Forms may not be completed any earlier than 11 hours prior to the function. If you have any symptoms or have come in contact with someone that has symptoms please contact Carter at 780-908-3206

Covid-19 Check in Form

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